Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot days, cooking on hold

Yesterday and today are hot, or more accurately humid. It's 80 some-odd degrees and humid, which I know isn't necessarily hot, but doesn't induce me to cook too much.

I did make dinner yesterday. Beef stroganoff and spatzle (commercial). Considering I hadn't made stroganoff in ages it came out pretty good. I had giant oyster mushrooms from the local Asian market which went in, along with the few regular button mushrooms, half an onion, beef stock, and some left over lightly cooked "London broil." And, of course, the necessary sour cream. Yum.

Tomorrow we're headed to an orchard just outside of Charlottesville, Carter Mountain Orchard, to get apples and see what else might be picked up. I guess it's time for apple pies, or apple crisp.

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